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Sarawak International Business Exhibition and Conference (SIBEC)

The Inaugural Sarawak International Business Exhibition and Conference (SIBEC) 2018 will be held over 2 days from 12-13 October, 2018 in Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia.

What Does The New Malaysia Look Like After 100 Days?

Next week, we will have reached the 100 day mark of the new Malaysian government.  So much has happened already, and a different Malaysia is emerging.   Is this the end of racial politics and institutional corruption?  Join us for a lively Q&A discussion on what the New Malaysia holds in store for us.

A Malaysian Tsunami sweeps in a new government

After six decades of a Barisan Nasional government, a Malaysian Tsunami swept the Pakatan Harapan (PH) into power.

Although the sentiment for change has been brewing for a while, the extent of the win was still surprising and quite convincing:

Mike Anderson

I am a consultant specialising in domestic and international business development.

Andy Lau

Apart from providing the typical day to day accounting and tax consulting services, I also help foreign businesses coming into Australia/local businesses going overseas with the initial set up and tax structuring advice as well as ongoing Tax, Financial and Accounting Outsourcing services.