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Andy Lau



What do you do for a living?

I am a Principal in the Private Clients group with BDO, a global accounting firm. Apart from providing the typical day to day accounting and tax consulting services, I also help foreign businesses coming into Australia/local businesses going overseas with the initial set up and tax structuring advice as well as ongoing Tax, Financial and Accounting Outsourcing services.

Favourite band or singer is...

Too many to choose from but my all time favourite is Boyz II Men

Favourite Malaysian food is...

The good old ‘Satay’ if you can call that Malaysian food.

Favourite place in Malaysia...

My hometown Kuching, Sarawak. Nothing beats home sweet home.

The best thing I've ever done is...

Maintaining my Chinese language skill all these years (a language that I learned some 20 years ago) which has been very handy on a number of occasions when dealing with Chinese speaking clients.

If stranded on an island, I would want these 3 things...

My ipad, internet connection and a satellite phone to call for rescue when I finally get bored.