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Global Victoria Trade Alliance Program Announcement

AMBC Victoria is proud to announce that we have partnered with Global Victoria under the Global Victoria Trade Alliance program to develop and deliver a series of workshops for food and beverage companies interested in doing business with Malaysia. These workshops will be delivered in the Melbourne CBD as well as in key locations in regional Victoria during 2021/2022. 

Former president and board member, Mike Anderson, has been appointed Project Manager and he will develop the content and deliver the workshops. The workshops entitled ‘Malaysia: Halal and beyond’ will focus on Halal and the Halal certification process, doing business in Malaysia, the Malaysia-Australia Free Trade Agreement, understanding Malaysian business culture and the on-ground support that is available to assist exporters and importers with their business dealings between Victoria and Malaysia. Targeting the food and beverage sector, the workshops will be a prelude for those Victorian companies interested in participating in or attending the Malaysian International Halal Showcase (MIHAS) in September 2022.

AMBC Victoria thanks Global Victoria for their support and looks forward to the opportunity of working together to promote business opportunities for Victorian companies in Malaysia

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