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AMBC Victoria Newsletter - December 2021

Dear AMBC Victoria Members, Friends and Supporters,

We are nearly at the end of the year and happy to see the restrictions ease further in Victoria in time for Christmas. On behalf of your Board, I would like to wish you well over the holiday season!


Update on the Victorian government’s International Student Arrivals Plan

International students will start returning to Victoria by the end of 2021 under the Victorian Government’s International Student Arrivals Plan, which has been endorsed by the Australian Government.

Malaysia Airlines MHbiz Pro Golden Lounge

We are pleased to share this campaign with you, as an AMBC Victoria Member you can sign up for MHbiz Pro and receive 2 complimentary KLIA Golden Lounge Vouchers!



WA-ASEAN Summit 2022

We are pleased to share information on the WA-ASEAN Summit 2022 to be held in Western Australia from 20-22 March 2022.

Global Victoria Trade Alliance Program Announcement

AMBC Victoria is proud to announce that we have partnered with Global Victoria under the Global Victoria Trade Alliance program to develop and deliver a series of workshops for food and beverage companies interested in doing business with Malaysia. These workshops will be delivered in the Melbourne CBD as well as in key locations in regional Victoria during 2021/2022. 

Happy Malaysia Day

58 years ago today the Federation of Malaysia came into existence with the joining of Malaya, North Borneo, Sarawak and Singapore (which subsequently left) into a single nation. This day is the most significant day in the formation of the Malaysia we know today and echoes the ethnic and religious diversity in its population.